Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Venus de My Little Pony Repaint

Pony Time! :D
Wheew, this one was kind of a challenge, I'm actually surprised I finished it! After the first few layers of paint, I got really nervous that I would not be able to pull this off...but I think I managed it okay. Did take some liberties with the colors- Seeing as Venus is the planet of love, I made it warm and pretty! Also, big thanks to my friend Julia for allowing me to use her tattoo as a reference for the color scheme <3
So, here is "Venus Pony"- click on the photo below or the link directly below that to view the eBay auction (starting bid of $15!):

"Venus Pony" MLP repaint art auction

Now, the specifics:

Painted in MANY layers of acrylics, sealed with a glossy varnish. Hair is hand dyed with alcohol inks. Pony measures approximately 3" high by 2" long. Initialed, titled, and dated on the bottom of her feet.

Here are a few photos of Venus Pony from assorted angles:

This is my second My Little Pony repaint; next month will be a new planet! I have not decided which one yet. If you'd like to suggest one, by all means do send me a message :) I will get to them all eventually, including the sun and the moon, though they are not exactly planets ;)

OOh, yes, and I have a few work in progress photos here:

Eventually, I will be updating my website and adding all the new art I've made this year to the gallery, plus posters and other print options to choose from. And do not forget to come back and visit on Thursday (that is tomorrow heheheh) for a new comic!!!!

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