Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cartoon Ocean Art- Tad, Fish Hands, and Burt

Hallo! This is not a comic post...and for that I am sorry, but Christ on a crucifix, I cannot be funny ALL the TIME!!
*ahem* THIS post is about ART! CARTOONS! Dorky pictures I drew and would like to share with you! :D

Today's theme: the ocean! Why? I have been fascinated-verging-on-obsessed with the ocean for as long as I can recall. The quaint-looking (but wicked harsh) New England seaside is one of my first memories. Also...Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea...and we all know how I love me some magic dragons! But seriously, the most compelling reason, for me, to love the ocean is all the UNKNOWN out there. Out there, under the water that covers MOST of our planet. Think about it. Whoa, man, right? Of all the weird creatures my imagination could conjure up, there is something EVEN weirder lurking right next to us, but we just can't see it.
Anyway, enough rambling, how about some pictures? Three of my lowbrow water critter illustrations for you to feast your eyes upon:


Tad is all alone, totally lost, and extremely socially awkward (but has a heart of gold). He also looks pretty dern tired if you ask me.
The original painting is HERE
open edition 8" x 10" prints are HERE.

"Fish Hands"

I...don't even know. I just do not know.
The original illustration is HERE
I do not have prints available at this time, but if you want to nag me about it, feel free ;) Uh, actually, make sure you gauge my mood before you start the nagging. (Just some advice from a fickle person.)


Burt wants you to know what he's talking about... But he's not actually speaking, because this octopus has no mouth! Hope you can read eyelids...
The original illustration (framed!) is HERE!
I do not have prints of him available yet, either, but again with the nagging thing...feel free.

So, those are some of my arts. I will do more of these posts in the future, perhaps one a month? Why am I asking you? :P I hope you've enjoyed the display :) Tell you friends, tell your mom. <3

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Yeah, uh...First of all, Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!! :D
Secondly, here is my humble offering to your funny bone this week:

And third- Never have I EVER eaten so much candy that I have thrown up. I have, however, eaten so much BACON that I threw up. That was back in the day when I was working at Sylvester's Restaurant. Man, I swear, I must have eaten at least 2/3 of a pound of bacon that day. Perhaps more. It's a good thing I'll never know for sure.

Oh, yes, #4- Happy Valentine's Day, I guess.


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