Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The To-Did List

I got up super early today, and did a LOT of stuff. Here's a dorky list:
*Titled, dated, scanned, edited, drafted listings for a bunch of ACEOs
*decluttered my emails
*TAXES, including a lot of receipt sorting
*Post Office trip
*vacuumed the house, took out trash, cleaned entire bathroom
*put on a face mask and had a nice soak in the tub
*spilled a full bag of cheese doodles all over myself, the armchair, and the floor, and decided to eat them off of myself enough so that I could stand up
*re-vacuumed the living room, rewashed my face, changed my shirt
*sent out some emails and some invoices, put a few things up for auction on eBay
*printed out a big batch of new limited edition ACEOs
*wrote this list as a lame excuse for a blog post
*Now, I am going to go embellish those limited edition ACEOs while I watch cartoons, and possibly do a bit of sketching...but oh man, I am TIRED...

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Monday, February 5, 2018

A Tiny Clown Romper + a Handful of Art!


I think I skipped a week, I honestly lose track of time SO BADLY, especially around the weekends. Plus, the older I get, the faster time passes, and the slower I move lol! Youth really is wasted on the young (grumble grumble).

I do have a few actual things to share this week (yay!), though it's a bit of a hodge-podge...I kinda just did a sweep of my work corner, grabbed a bunch of stuff, and took some pictures.

First, a portion of the new ACEOs I will be listing this week, and some older ones, too:

Clicking HERE will take you to my current eBay listings!

There are also a few sketched onto canvas, as I have some enamel paints I'd like to try out. I figured the bristol paper I use for most of my ACEOs would be too absorbant for enamels. Even with the canvas, I'll have to prime and seal everything before I add any colors...but here is a sneak peek of eventual art:

I have no idea why this phone picture rotation thing keeps happening, I have frustrate, I apologize so much, I will figure it out eventually...*whine*

OK, tiny clown romper time! So, there has been no progress on the clown doll face, however...I did manage to get the final touches on her romper all sorted out:

I have definitely decided that the fox girl needs to go on hold, which makes me sad...but I'd rather wait and get it right than horribly mangle my original idea with poor execution and a bunch of amature mistakes lol!

Random thing- I decided to change the silly font on the blog to a more legible one...I don't think it makes a difference on mobile, but it was making my eyes wonky to read it on the laptop. So...yeah.

In other news, this artist has consumed 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies (2 Samoa, 3 Thin Mint) in the past 2 weeks. Winter is hard. At least my back issues seem to be healing up!

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