Friday, May 31, 2013

Fox fox FOX fox Foxes, some foxes, and a Fox.

Fox. Okay. This "character" actually came from me being a dork, sketching out one of my origami foxes one day while I was probably supposed to be doing something else, something most likely important and adult-like. This is when I find I do my most...self accepting work. That's where Ralphie came from, a doodle from thin air, just there in a moment of life where I was all like "What the Fuck is the Point of Anything?" Don't pretend like you've never hit that point before. If you haven't, are lacking essential experience. That's what I'll say to make us all feel better. Yeah.

I would liken these "epiphany doodles" to...the penis showing game in the movie "Waiting". Yeah. It's like that. It's like, my mind just cracks, and I short out for a bit. I stand, obstinate as an overtired toddler, in the face of responsibility and obligation, screaming as I rip off my diaper, and then I poop everywhere. Yeah, it's like that. Folks, if you came here just to look at some cute foxes, I am so so sorry. I get carried away with my thoughts. And I am disgusting some (most) of the time.

You may remember this sketch:

and the work in progress blog I posted awhile back (it's here)...

Well....Here is the original, completed painting, "Fox and Weasel"! It's an 11" x 7" acrylic on masonite piece, blah blah, all that info, purchase info, and more pictures and a poem are at the link below:

"Fox and Weasel" original cartoon art painting on etsy

I really wish I could paint something like this on a big wall. And that someone would pay me handsomely for performing such an amazing feat.

Moar Foxes Now! *This* is a piece I am REALLY fond of and kind of do not want to list, but...I am not in a financial position to be able to afford my own art at the moment. Yes, it is like that. I console myself with the fact that I can always get a poster or print. Not having it around could possibly lead to creation of more like it. Things of that nature. Nature. Walking. This is "Fox Walk"- an original 8.5" x 11" pen and ink illustration, cut around the edges and backed with a lovely chocolate-colored cardstock. Mmmm. Chocolate. I had to trim and back it the way I did because I messed it all up...but thankfully in a way that was fixable. Mistakes often lead to something new that you'd never think of before. I had a ton of fun with this piece. It makes me want to go pick blackberries. Mmmm. Blackberries. Okay. Anyhoo...

"Fox Walk" original cartoon fox illustration on etsy

That's it for now. These are both available for purchase/adoption. Even though I want to keep them. *whine* :D


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 a.m. Email

If you have ever received a rather (or should I say EXTRA) bizarre correspondence from me, chances are it was composed and sent VERY EARLY in the morning. Probably not the best practice.


Fun Times at zombietoes


This is more of a winter-themed comic...but what the hell. Also, new character...Kevin, better known as Kevlar...getting ready to face a night walk in the winter time. If you have never had to walk miles in the cold, dark, snowy winter, then...well, you have not lived, my friend.


Z OM b I E T o E s!


Every mess has a hilarious lining. At least that's what I tell myself.


Seriously, focking go the fock shopping, fockers. xxoo! zombietoes

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Slip and Slime

The day job can get really greasy, especially if there is an Androo around...and there usually is one.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cartoon Creatures- Narwhales and Dinosaurs!

Hihihihi!!! :D
So, it's art time again!! I hope you guys don't mind...I can really only tell from my blog view stats, but it seems you do not mind at all, and for this I am very gracious! See me bow to you and thank you with dorky smiles! I really enjoy creating these picture worlds and stories and characters,'s nice to know they are at least being seen :) Blah blahblah blah...anyhow, let me show you two new pieces!! Here is a small 5" x 7" acrylic painting - "Impaley Narwhalies" - see more at the link below the picture:

"Impaley Narwhalies" original cartoon art painting on etsy

Yeah, yeah, I know...ANOTHER sea creature painting?!!? I can't help myself. I'm pretty sure I have spent a fair amount of lifetimes in the ocean. It's one of my favorite places to take my mind and let it wander. A vacation of sorts. Hmmm...

Onto the next, then! This one went through a long stage of "OMG this looks like crap". Due to my stubborn nature, I just kept working on it until I could stand to look at it, and was not ashamed to put my name on it. Really, it was that bad! There are a few work in progress shots on my facebook page here: W.I.P.s

It is all finished now, and I've titled it "Prehistoric Parade", is neither technically accurate on prehistoric life, nor is it in a parade-like fashion. Regardless, I am the artiste, and whatever I say is what is taken as word in my land, haha! In your face, reality! *Ahem* So, here is "Prehistoric Parade":

"Prehistoric Parade" original creature illustration on etsy

This one is an original 8.5" x 11" pen and ink illustration on bristol. Thought maybe I should be profeshunalllll for half a second ;)

I hope you have enjoyed my colorful monster-creature-dinosaur-animal art! I will have a new comic later this weekend, and I also will have a fox art post for you in the next week or so. Don't forget, it's Mother's Day on Sunday. Call your Mums.


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Thursday, May 2, 2013


I'm not sure how to open this post.
So I'll just go at it:

Lost some folks in April.
The loss of this particular individual touched me deeper than I thought it would, perhaps because of the timing- please read.

Yours is the very first name in my phone contact list. I only ever called you when you were super late to work...which was often enough that I would bother to save your number.
You always greeted me with one of two things- "Hey Creepy!" or "Hey Gorgeous!"- equally hilarious and fitting. Of course, this is how you greeted most people. Still, it had its charms.
I never spent any time with you outside of work. I wouldn't say we were friends, though we got along well enough. You knew every word to every song ever written, and who sung it, what year, who the hell the drummer was, how many covers were made, and by which knew so much goddamn music trivia. Why you were never a radio station DJ is beyond me. I once had to go home and look up "Eiffel Tower" because I got trapped in the walk-in with you and Tron for, like, ten seconds one day. I also remember the time a bottle of grenadine flew off the shelf at you and smashed on the floor. We talked about ghosts a lot, which is a strange thing to reflect on now, but then really isn't.
I'm not going to sit here and blather on about all the good things you did and whatever, because, like I said...I never really knew your life. I only knew you- the flail scene, the joker, the risk taker, the hungover, the really pissed off, the kind of pissed off, the reckless, loving living a little too much, the clean, the dirty...the Landry. I do choose to remember you fondly, however, because...people like me need to have the influence of people like you.

Click to view larger

xo XO!!

Because I had to take some time off work for another death (in the family) I would REALLY EXTRA appreciate any patronage these days! Please don't think this is some sick marketing ploy, it is more is my FIRST job to take care of the people I love when they call on me, and sometimes that means calling out of work, and suffering a bit financially.