Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cartoon Creatures- Narwhales and Dinosaurs!

Hihihihi!!! :D
So, it's art time again!! I hope you guys don't mind...I can really only tell from my blog view stats, but it seems you do not mind at all, and for this I am very gracious! See me bow to you and thank you with dorky smiles! I really enjoy creating these picture worlds and stories and characters,'s nice to know they are at least being seen :) Blah blahblah blah...anyhow, let me show you two new pieces!! Here is a small 5" x 7" acrylic painting - "Impaley Narwhalies" - see more at the link below the picture:

"Impaley Narwhalies" original cartoon art painting on etsy

Yeah, yeah, I know...ANOTHER sea creature painting?!!? I can't help myself. I'm pretty sure I have spent a fair amount of lifetimes in the ocean. It's one of my favorite places to take my mind and let it wander. A vacation of sorts. Hmmm...

Onto the next, then! This one went through a long stage of "OMG this looks like crap". Due to my stubborn nature, I just kept working on it until I could stand to look at it, and was not ashamed to put my name on it. Really, it was that bad! There are a few work in progress shots on my facebook page here: W.I.P.s

It is all finished now, and I've titled it "Prehistoric Parade", is neither technically accurate on prehistoric life, nor is it in a parade-like fashion. Regardless, I am the artiste, and whatever I say is what is taken as word in my land, haha! In your face, reality! *Ahem* So, here is "Prehistoric Parade":

"Prehistoric Parade" original creature illustration on etsy

This one is an original 8.5" x 11" pen and ink illustration on bristol. Thought maybe I should be profeshunalllll for half a second ;)

I hope you have enjoyed my colorful monster-creature-dinosaur-animal art! I will have a new comic later this weekend, and I also will have a fox art post for you in the next week or so. Don't forget, it's Mother's Day on Sunday. Call your Mums.


Your support is always very appreciated (meow)-

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