Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yelling in the Woods- an art post

Ahoy hoy...hoy hoy hoy...

Anyway...This is an art post. If you were looking for comics, you have to wait until Thursday. Or go browse all the old (and still hilarious) comics on the blog. February's large cartoon painting is a remake of a tiny illustration I made a few years ago- "Yelling in the Woods". I loved the title so I am keeping it the same for this piece.
Two lowbrow bunnies, yelling in a candy-colored forest. Yes, I have heard the shrieks of a rabbit before. I have a cat. No, they are not cute or adorable noises. They are horrifying and not at all something candy-colored forests should have happening in them. But just pretend like this is a make believe cartoon land (because it is) and imagine that these particular bunnies are making the kind of cute yelling noises that we all wish they would.
So, here is a picture of "Yelling in the Woods", and below that is the link to the eBay auction :) Should the auction end with nary a bid (as they often tend to do), I will be housing this piece in my etsy shop ;)

"Yelling in the Woods" original cartoon rabbit painting auction
In other art-related news, I have TWO new ACEO card prints that have just been released- "High Top Fade" and "Water Wings". They are both available for purchase HERE on eBay or HERE through my website See pictures? See pictures:

Okay. That's enough art stuff for one day. I will be back later in the week with a new comic. Thank you for looking. Seriously. If you are looking, you are awesome. If you want to TELL me you are looking, you are EVEN more awesome. Seriously. It's not like I know if you are or not. Unless you tell me. xo! Em