Thursday, August 17, 2017

August Art Sale + some ramblings

Oh, hai!!
Just over here, buried in art and behind schedule, as usual!

Let's get right to the most exciting thing- SALE TIME!! Well, almost...From Friday, August 25-Sunday, August 27, I will be listing art at sale prices! Mostly ACEOs, some prints perhaps, maybe a painting or two...Starting bids will drop from $7.35 to $5.35 and Buy It Now prices will drop from $10.35 to $8.35. Any ACEO prints I list will be 99 cents for open edition, not sure what I will list any limited edition ACEOs at, but it wont be more than $2 for auction. You can see I've really thought this through, haha!

That's kind of it for "art news", unless you count the list of projects and prototypes I still have made no dent in this summer. I cannot tell you how many frickin cool ideas I have A DAY and cannot possibly get to them all. A lot of them come to me when I am at the day job, completely covered in food, and nowhere near a pen and paper to jot these brainfarts down. Sooo frustrating...But at least I am never bored!

Yeah, I *really really* wanted to get at least one doll repainted this summer- that is actually a HUGE project for me, but I just love designing everything from their hairdo to their their new outfits! The last doll I repainted was a clown...and the next one will most likely be another clown (I have a problem, I know).

I also really wanted to get on the ball with my nifty pop-up and movable paper art ACEO ideas. I honestly do not have any excuse as to why I have not gotten farther than some blanks all folded to see how things fit, and a few sketches for actual pop-ups. I have a hard time sitting still at my desk in the summer. Usually, if there is drawing happening, it is done out on the porch. Sadly, tiny paper cuttings and bits and pieces are hard to keep track of when working outdoors. Probably why I haven't made more progress with that. OMG I am just sitting here typing. Please forgive my train of thought (choo choo!)

Okay, don't forget- eBay sale from Aug 25-Aug 27...I will try to post again before it happens. is a picture of a moth:

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