Monday, July 31, 2017

De-Tangle Mermaid ACEO WIPs

Well it's been awhile *sigh*
I wish I had more time to do all the thing I want, like post here more often...That's okay, though, I have time right now!! br>
Nothing too exciting happening in the studio lately, just a few ACEO illustrations, some wee moments of working on prototypes for new art (going slowly!) and general maintenance of projects.
Here is a series of work in progress photos of a new ACEO "De-Tangle":

She is all completed and up for sale on eBay- please click the link below the picture to see the auction!

"De-Tangle" mermaid ACEO auction

I have about as much hair as this poor mermaid, and it's curly too...I feel badly for her. I can hardly brush mine when it's dry, I'd never try it wet (that's how we get split ends lol).

In other news, I am really hoping to have time to get a bunch of ACEOs drawn up soon...because I really want to have a sale for all my wonderful customers!! I recently hit 1000+ feedback (and eBay gave me a red star, woo!), so it is certainly time to celebrate with all of you. Ideally, this sale would happen sometime in August- if I had my way, I'd start it this weekend. Alas, pre-planned events, day job, and monster care will take up most of my time for the near future. I will squeeze in art where I can, and I will be sure to LET YOU ALL KNOW in ADVANCE about my sale. :) :)

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Accidental Movie Review- Cabin Fever 2016

I did something the other day that I have not done in a super long time...I took the afternoon OFF from doing anything remotely work related and watched a horror movie! Actually, I watched two of them, but...I am only going to write about one of them today.

Said movie watched was the 2016 remake of Cabin Fever. Wait...Let me just disclaimer you- in NO WAY is this me attempting to actually amaturely (not a word?) review a movie, I just wanted to ramble about something other than art...and horror is a hobby of mine.

Okay, back on topic...Cabin Fever remake 2016. It was not terrible. It was not great. I am not sad that I spent the time watching it, as I am never sad spending time watching horror movies. It was "meh" at its best points, which is NEVER something you want to feel about a horror movie, be it a remake, original, or sequel. I found the Marcy character's eyebrows far more attention grabbing than the dried up script, which was damn near word-for-word. Except they removed the humor. All of it.

Perhaps going the straight horror route was their purposeful style imprint- the 2002 version was marketed as comedy-horror, this one stands in the horror category alone. Fine. I accept that, but I just feel like there was something missing from the 2016 version. I had zero attachment to any character, including the dog, which left me with no sense of urgency or anxiety, no real reason to become emotionally involved (AKA scared in this instance). I dunno. All around bland, I'd say.

I *did* really like Deputy Winston as a female switch, though. There was something very sinister about her, not like the male character in the 2002 version, who came across as a dimwitted backwoods too young hillbilly type. The female version just seemed more menacing somehow. I could just be misreading the super dry humor- I am not good at dry humor, often it just pisses me off. Like, be funny or don't, don't fucking take the hoity-toity road WTF NOBODY THINKS THAT SHIT IS FUNNY. Slapstick, fart jokes, genitals, dark humor, and pranks where no one gets seriously injured are funny. Poop...poop is funny. But "I just made a joke and I'm the only one who thinks it's funny because I'm cooler than you hehehe" is not funny. Crack a smile, wink, or something...Sorry, not sorry.

*ahem* ANYWAAAAYYYY that's my stupid ramble. I hope I've made you laugh at least. This is purely bathroom reading material, I admit. So, overall, Cabin Fever 2002 version- I recommend if you are into horror and comedy. Cabin Fever 2016, I'd skip it, unless you like too-big eyebrows.


PS- Here is a photo of a moth on my porch
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Pale Star" Cartoon Dragon ACEO work in progress

I feel like it's been awhile since I've posted any art, so here are a quick few work in progress pics of a baby dragon ACEO I drew today...From start to finish!

inking the pencil lines in microns

Shading in areas with a gray prismacolor marker

Adding some color (more prismacolor and one copic lol)

Anddd...the finished ACEO:

"Pale Star" is available- up for auction on eBay HERE!

Hope you enjoyed this little post.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Toy + Doll Collecting pt 2

Okee, part 2 of my toy collecting hobby ramble!

Random notes- I am not a hardcore collector. I am not a completist. I buy what I like in a price range I can afford. I have focuses, rules, and a budget. It's all very scientific. Part of the fun, for me, is finding a doll or toy on my "list" that is A GOOD DEAL. This could mean less than retail price for a new doll, or a decent deal on a vintage item, specialty/limited edition toys, etc. I honestly believe that I get more of a thrill from doing the research behind the toy, and then hunting for a GOOD DEAL in the "wild", than the act of purchasing the toy.

I love the rush I get from discovering a new toy, doll, or brand that speaks to me (I am fairly particular, for space/budget/sanity reasons). I love finding out that the most beloved of my childhood playthings are often harder to find than their counterparts- and often more sought after. This gives me some kind of sick satisfaction at knowing I have good taste in something lol. It ain't movies, or fashion, or food, even, but I sure as heck can pick out the most valuable toy. What a superpower, shit.
Needless to say, I do find toy collecting to be a good exercise in intuition. Plus, I end up with some VERY COOL TOYS!

An example- when I was a wee lass, I had this one doofy bird girl thing that I carried around with me everywhere. She was "dressed" in a molded on bird feather gown, which was shimmery peach at the top and faded to blue at her tail. Her hair was also peach, and she had a sweet little smile on her face. I believe she originally came with a "baby" bird child thing, though I do not recall having that around as a kid.

My research shows that she was part of the Kenner Sea Wees offshoot line Shimmers, little fantasy girl creatures. There was a butterfly, a centaur, a fancy mermaid, a bird girl, and possibly one other I am forgetting. So cute! Here is the one I am speaking of, "Sunstreak"

Kenner Sea Wees Shimmers Sunstreak doll circa 1986

Of the Shimmers, Sunstreak is harder to find. Perhaps because ALL the little girls had one, and they all got played to death in the late 80s, or that those left are favored by collectors (they are gorgeous and so sweet). It is rare that I see one in decent shape with an affordable price tag. I have never seen one listed NIB (New In Box), though I have seen other Shimmers NIB. Why, Sunstreak? What makes you more elusive? These are the things I spend my time pondering. But, yay, go little Emily for having some toy picking skills!

Dang it, this is getting long again...I see a part 3 is in order...sorry, not sorry!

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