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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Water Wings- an Art post

Art time, y'allssss!!

So, I know that the focus of this blog is my comic strip, but the comic strip does not actually bring in any income (that's right, ZERO income, I simply do it for the love of making fun of things). Therefore, I am being forced by my boss-lady (her name is the same as mine!) to post a write up about each new piece of art that I create. So, here is 2015's very first dorkling/zombietoes original creation- "Water Wings"!

Click here to see the auction/read the blurb/view more pics/make a bid(?)

"Water Wings" is a strange piece, if only that it took me ten seconds to come up with the concept, and four months to turn it into a painting. The most hilarious part of this whole process (to me, anyway) is that this painting looks 100% NOTHING like the idea that it originated from. There were moments where all I wanted was to paint over it and start it all over...but I'd get halfway through whitewashing the shit, and then start a whole new layer...before the last one was even fully covered. Each layer was nowhere near what I wanted, so I kind of gave up on creating the original concept art on this canvas, and just let this painting happen. It's hard being such a control freak half the time, and a flighty artist the other half. It's constant self compromise. This explains my moody nature, to a point, but I digress... I am confident that someday I will create the piece that this one was meant to be. That day, however, is not today, so I hope you enjoy this bizarrely cute pirate ship bird instead :)

And just so you know, I've already ordered ACEO prints of this piece to be listed on eBay and my fancy schmancy website shop ;) Larger prints and posters will also be available shortly.

(And also just so you know, sharing links is just as awesome and helpful as making an art purchase. Plus, it's free to do, makes me smile, and I will count that as your good deed for any day you feel like good-deeding some dork such as myself.)

Don't forget to come back on Thursday for a new comic!! :D