Monday, May 9, 2016

Sleeping Dragons, Orange Dragons, Feathered art post

Oh, it's art day! :D I have a handful this round, so let's get this started...
The latest illustration is rather whimsical; a doodle turned full blown illustration. Sleeping dragons under smokey dreams, turning to clouds, growing strange plants...

"Zees, Keys, and Bees" is an original mixed media illustration- inks, pencils, and acrylic paint on bristol. It measures 8.5" x 11", signed and titled on the back. "Zees, Keys, and Bees" is currently up for auction on eBay- please click the photo or the link below it to view the auction, more details and pictures, and perhaps even place a bid:

"Zees, Keys, and Bees" Original Dragon Illustration
Keeping on the dragon theme, there are also two original ACEO illustrations of dragons up on eBay, along with others! You can see them all HERE and below are some photos:

"Tetra" cartoon dragon ACEO illustration

"Friends with Feathers" dragon ACEO illustration

"Night Birds" fantasy ACEO illustration

One more art- the ACEO prints of "Trees and Clouds" has been released- there is one up for auction on eBay (see the link below the photo):

"Trees and Clouds" fantasy 2 sided ACEO print

In other news, I am currently reworking the art gallery on my website, as well as adding a few new items to the web shop! There will be spring cleaning happening over the next few weeks, so I'm sure I will be auctioning off a bunch of older original illustrations and painting on eBay.
Fair warning- I may be slacking on the comic in the next few weeks, due to above mentioned activities...but we shall see :)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Venus de My Little Pony Repaint

Pony Time! :D
Wheew, this one was kind of a challenge, I'm actually surprised I finished it! After the first few layers of paint, I got really nervous that I would not be able to pull this off...but I think I managed it okay. Did take some liberties with the colors- Seeing as Venus is the planet of love, I made it warm and pretty! Also, big thanks to my friend Julia for allowing me to use her tattoo as a reference for the color scheme <3
So, here is "Venus Pony"- click on the photo below or the link directly below that to view the eBay auction (starting bid of $15!):

"Venus Pony" MLP repaint art auction

Now, the specifics:

Painted in MANY layers of acrylics, sealed with a glossy varnish. Hair is hand dyed with alcohol inks. Pony measures approximately 3" high by 2" long. Initialed, titled, and dated on the bottom of her feet.

Here are a few photos of Venus Pony from assorted angles:

This is my second My Little Pony repaint; next month will be a new planet! I have not decided which one yet. If you'd like to suggest one, by all means do send me a message :) I will get to them all eventually, including the sun and the moon, though they are not exactly planets ;)

OOh, yes, and I have a few work in progress photos here:

Eventually, I will be updating my website and adding all the new art I've made this year to the gallery, plus posters and other print options to choose from. And do not forget to come back and visit on Thursday (that is tomorrow heheheh) for a new comic!!!!

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trees and Clouds - an art post

First, I am skipping the comic this week (groan) because I, uh...have no material. So lame, I know. But!! I DO have an art, so that is something. This art is another rather strange piece, a mixed media illustration I have titled "Trees and Clouds".

While I was in the process of attempting to work on a *really* large painting, my muse knocked me over and choked me out until I gave up and agreed to work on this piece instead. "Trees and Clouds" is perhaps an interpretation of what a tree might dream about, or it could be our alien relatives from a far off galaxy...or maybe it's a feral child's fairy tale.

"Trees and Clouds" lowbrow fantasy illustration on eBay

Whatever it may or may not depict, "Trees and Clouds" is an original mixed media illustration, drawn in archival inks, acrylic paints, and colored pencils on bristol (7" x 10.25"). It's all signaturized and titled and such on the back, the original is currently up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $45- click the photo above or RIGHT HERE to view the auction listing!

Also, here are a bunch of work in progress photos:

If you love this illustration, but the original is not in your budget, I do have posters up in my Zazzle Shop- just click HERE- and you can even choose the size you want and the kind of paper you like and and and even a frame if you want!

Random Pony News- I have begun working on a Venus My Little Pony repaint for this month, though I am not sure if I will finish it in a timely fashion...I will try, I will. Painting planets on non-spherical shapes is hard. :D

Ummm, okay. I think that is about it for this go-round. It is late, I am tired, and tomorrow is order day so I will have a lot of boxes to move around...BED! TO BED!!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fox 3 painting + Burp ACEO art

Happy Wednesday all!
So, today I have some arts to share...A new fox painting (it's on the small side) as well as a new and silly ACEO!

Let's get to it..."Fox 3" is the next installment in the little fox series. This is an original 5" x 7" painting, created in acrylics on a canvas panel. I really like this one, his posture reminds me of my cat when he is begging for treats. Here he is, "Fox 3"- you can view the Amazon Handmade listing by clicking the photo or the link below it:

"Fox 3" original cartoon painting on Amazon Handmade

As far as silliness goes, I have a new ACEO original up for auction on eBay this week- "Burp"! Check out her auction listing by clicking the photo or the link below it!

"Burp" Original Pin Up ACEO art on eBay

Hope the rest of your week is fabulous! I am off to eat dinner om nom nommmmm...

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Taxi Cats- an Art Post

Today, I have a new illustration to share- this is my "large" art for February, and it's really quite bizarre...

"Taxi Cats" is a strange, dream-like image of a bunch of randoms- kitties, a catty cabbie in her yellow taxi, cupcakes... While I was in the process of coloring this piece, one of my friends asked me who the commission was for- it is just so specific, he thought surely it was ordered by a person for a purpose. So...I present to you "Taxi Cats":

"Taxi Cats" original cartoon art auction

Some specs on this illustration- measures 11" x 8.5", mixed media: acrylic paints, archival inks, and colored pencils on bristol. Signed, dated, titled on the back. "Taxi Cats" is currently up for auction on eBay. To view the auction listing (more pics, a blurb, a chance to make a bid) just click on the photo above or the link directly under it :)

Okay, it is pretty much my bedtime, so I will bid you all adieu...

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Galaxy Pony MLP Repaint + William Gruff Goat ACEO

Something slightly different this round- a My Little Pony Repaint! Ahhh, I'm such a dork!
I was *obsessed* with these stupid toys when I was a wee lass; I even remember this one specific pony that I threw a TANTRUM over until my mother finally broke down and bought it for me. (side note- I was not the type of child to throw fits over anything tangible, but damn...I really wanted that pony!) I must admit, I still have a great deal of love for vinyl toys, all the better if they are colorful and have lots of pretty hair! When I discovered how well I took to painting on them, I was elated to have a justification for buying them. I mean, I buy toys here and there for no reason other than I want them, but now to have an actual reason is pretty nifty.

Blah blah, anyhow...this is the first repainted pony in a series of the planets in our solar system. I realize that "galaxy" is not a planet, but eff you, the idea for the series came after completing this first repaint. I am hoping to get one completed every month. So, without any more rambling, allow me to introduce "Galaxy Pony":

"Galaxy" My Little Pony Repaint art auction
(lots more photos at the link!)

Yes, not a planet, just a vast (or tiny, you pick your perspective) bit of pony sky. Many thin layers of acrylic paint, teeny tiny stars, little blips of color, all sealed with shiny varnish. Pony's hair is hand colored with alcohol inks, and I tried to style it as best I could (If you've seen my own hair, then we can agree that I did a fairly decent job here haha). Galaxy Pony is small, measuring approximately 3" high at the tallest part, and about 2" long. I have initialed the bottom of one foot, and dated another. Pony does come with a certificate of authenticity as well.
I've listed this piece on eBay with a starting bid of just $15- while this pony took a lot of hours to complete, I do consider this more of a hobby, so I am pricing to SELL. Also, studio space is limited, so if you want this little creature, please do consider adopting! The link to the auction is HERE or you can always click on the photo above or the link below the photo to view the auction!

Before I run off and get into my other 8000 projects, let me also mention this guy- "William Gruff"- a new original ACEO illustration! He is also currently up for auction on eBay- link is below the photo:

"William Gruff" cartoon goat ACEO art

So...that is all for the moment. I apologize for skipping last week's comic, I have been feeling a bit, uh...well, a lot discouraged by life lately. I will have a new comic on Thursday, however. :)

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Chewing Noises

This is actually a real issue. Here is a link:
Also, I didn't feel like coloring this one, mostly because my neck is killing me and it hurts to bend over in a coloring position for too long. Someone should purchase some art, so that I can get a massage :D

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fox 2 + Hellium Balloon ACEO - New Art

Hello lovelies,
It's art time again!! Just a little piece this time, and a new ACEO print as well. First, let me unveil a new fox painting- "Fox 2"- a galaxy-inspired grey fox who is just super curious (and also cute as a button!) This original painting is 5" x 7" on a canvas panel, painted in acrylics. He is up for sale in my still-new Amazon Handmade shop- please check out the listing if you have any interest in owning him! Clicking on the picture or the link below to see the listing!

"Fox 2" Original Cartoon Painting on Amazon Handmade

In addition to "Fox 2", I have a brand new ACEO print just released! "Hellium Balloon" had been sitting in one of my sketchbooks for awhile, until I painted him on canvas for a friend's birthday gift this December. He came out so awesome, I thought I'd add him to the ACEO roster. So, here he is- a 2-sided Art Card Print, up for auction on eBay (starting at $2)- click on the picture or the link below it to see the auction, and perhaps place a bid:

"Hellium Balloon" ACEO Print auction

SO, that's what I have this week! I'm hoping to have another new something-or-other to share next week, and in the meantime, please come back tomorrow for Thursday's comic post!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


At least I've trained myself not to post anything when I am in a bad mood...which explains a great deal of my online silence.

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Monster Spa - January's Original Art

Art time! :) :) :)
The latest illustration from my studio desk, and this month's large artwork, is titled "Monster Spa". I drew this up back in August, and placed it into a pile to be colored at a later date...because I *knew* it would take a bit of thought to not screw it all up. I'm glad I waited...there are SOOO many details in this piece!

"Monster Spa" is an original pen and ink illustration, 8.5" x 11" on bristol, signed, etc etc...It is currently up for auction on eBay- click on the picture or the link below the picture to see the auction!

""Monster Spa" original rainbow critter artwork auction

Here are a few detail pictures as well...

Ahhh, I love it, it's like rubbing candy right into my eyeballs!! YEsssss!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!

Love it, but original's not in your budget? I have a smaller (ACEO size) original of "Dood" up for auction as well- he starts at $7, and was the original inspiration for "Monster Spa". Check out his auction by clicking the picture or the link below it:

"Dood" monster ACEO original art auction

Things that I have planned for "Monster Spa" in the near-ish future: posters, ACEO 2 sided prints, perhaps some other random merch...considering coloring pages or something like that. Maybe T shirts.

So, that is January's large illustration :D Thank you for looking, reading, perhaps giggling a bit, maybe clicking on a link. Do not forget to visit tomorrow evening for the weekly comic!

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