Saturday, December 22, 2012

Relative Perspectives

It's a constant stand-off. I blame these two for all the talking to myself I do.


I know you're sick of shopping, but my boss told me I had to put the link up anyway:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dorkling 2013 Wall Calendars!!

I cannot believe I pulled this off. I AM a magical unicorn magician lady. Yes, listen to me toot my friggen horn. I worked my patookah off. I must say, I am proud of myself, especially because I believe the material is solid.
What the hell am I talking about, anyway? A calendar! A Dorkling 2013 Wall Calendar to be exact! Let me blab about this for a minute...I just spent three days essentially by myself, eating whatever bugs crawled onto my desk, not sleeping, listening to waaay to much terrible music, so...forgive my excitement. ;)
ALL the art featured in this calendar is NEW- as in, I completed it THIS MORNING. It has been viewed by no one, and published nowhere but in this wall calendar. (I might make prints at some point down the road). But it's okay- you don't have to buy a copy to see the art! You can scroll through all the months and see each image at the link below the picture. Now, a word to heed- YES, I am allowing 100% free viewing of all my art, comics, and various other forms of entertainment. YES, sharing my work for free is my choice- sharing has always been my top priority with my work. would be *awfully sporting* of you if you would consider making a purchase (of my calendar or from one of my shops). Don't do it out of pity- I hate that crap! If you see something you like, though, and you have money, why not buy it? It's a huge compliment to me, and extremely helpful to my art and comic life. Alls I'm sayin is someone's got to feed the court jester, she can't dance on an empty stomach! ;) The calendar:

Dorkling 2013 Wall Calendars


Other shops (wink wink):
Em's art on eBay
Zazzle- T shirts, mugs, posters, MORE!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Self Sabotage

This...this is a comic I had drawn up months ago, but was hesitant at the time to post it. Now...well...I just don't give a fuck.

I know I should just delete those 'trouble' numbers, but I don't, and I probably won't. Sad.


Have you done your confounded holiday shopping yet? Someone hard to buy for on your list? Even though I am a certified Grinch, I can still help you, but only if you go here and spend money: