Monday, February 5, 2018

A Tiny Clown Romper + a Handful of Art!


I think I skipped a week, I honestly lose track of time SO BADLY, especially around the weekends. Plus, the older I get, the faster time passes, and the slower I move lol! Youth really is wasted on the young (grumble grumble).

I do have a few actual things to share this week (yay!), though it's a bit of a hodge-podge...I kinda just did a sweep of my work corner, grabbed a bunch of stuff, and took some pictures.

First, a portion of the new ACEOs I will be listing this week, and some older ones, too:

Clicking HERE will take you to my current eBay listings!

There are also a few sketched onto canvas, as I have some enamel paints I'd like to try out. I figured the bristol paper I use for most of my ACEOs would be too absorbant for enamels. Even with the canvas, I'll have to prime and seal everything before I add any colors...but here is a sneak peek of eventual art:

I have no idea why this phone picture rotation thing keeps happening, I have frustrate, I apologize so much, I will figure it out eventually...*whine*

OK, tiny clown romper time! So, there has been no progress on the clown doll face, however...I did manage to get the final touches on her romper all sorted out:

I have definitely decided that the fox girl needs to go on hold, which makes me sad...but I'd rather wait and get it right than horribly mangle my original idea with poor execution and a bunch of amature mistakes lol!

Random thing- I decided to change the silly font on the blog to a more legible one...I don't think it makes a difference on mobile, but it was making my eyes wonky to read it on the laptop. So...yeah.

In other news, this artist has consumed 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies (2 Samoa, 3 Thin Mint) in the past 2 weeks. Winter is hard. At least my back issues seem to be healing up!

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Just some rambling

I have no actual art news or updates, but in keeping with my attempts to post the blog regularly, here I am!

This past week was cleaning and organizing my studio space (kind of) and art prep- I cut a bunch of ACEO blanks, got a few batches of prints made up, assorted boring office stuff like putting return address labels on a bunch of envelopes, printer maintenance, etc. I now have MOST of my desk cleared off, and I am about to start a little sewing project- a tiny romper for my clown doll! I swear I will have some progress pictures at some point! I also have not gotten any touch up work on my poor fox girl done, I may just wipe her face and start from scratch. I may also cut all her hair off and give her a wig. All these "mights" basically means she'll be haning around "as is" for awhile. This is frustrating for me, as I do not really like to start a new doll before I've completed the last one...but I can't not have a doll going at this point, it's a weird compulsion.

What else...Oh, I hurt my back by coughing, because I'm old. So, I've been moving slowly and taking it easy this past week. This is my exciting life!

Here is a photo of the very beginning of a new fox ACEO (I don't know why the photos sometimes will not rotate and save properly when I take them from my phone grrr):

Now, off to rest my aching back before returning to the kitchen job tomorreeeeeee ouchie...

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

An Overdue Hello + Doll Project News

Well, again I have let my blog fall by the wayside...

Seeing as I am mostly caught up with things after the holidays, I will be opening commissions back up! For those of you who are already on the waitlist, I've begun sketching! For anyone interested in a custom work, please feel free to check out my commission page HERE!

On top of the usual ACEOs I've been making, I've also been working on repainting some dolls..though it is going very slowly! I did manage to complete one, a fox girl, but there are a few things about her that need to be fixed, so I am hesitant to post any pictures (but I will anyway). For one thing, I rerooted her hair, and I gave her too much! So, her head is always pulled back at a strange angle that looks quite uncomfortable.

oww, my neck!

For another thing, when I went to reattach her head to her body, the sealant I used on her face CRACKED and now she has little spiderwebs on her face :(

you're batting a thousand, Em

Also, she does not have a name yet, so I can't properly show her off until I address all these issues! But, her dress and shoes are super foxy! This is only my third repainted doll ever, and I am still very much learning tricks and such, but it is so much fun! I love that I can draw/paint, play with fibers, get some sewing in, maybe some sculpting...and in the end I have a cohesive work of art! Even though they take forever, and there is a whole bunch of trial and error involved, I truly love it! I'm also working on a sweet little clown doll, but she is in such early stages that photos would just frighten people!

I really *am* going to try a lot harder to update this blog regularly (trying for once a week, lol) this year. Even if I don't have anything finished, or anything truly exciting to share, I am pretty good at rambling about nothing, so I have no excuse other than laziness! (and that's just so lame)

ok, I'm off to watch some South Park before bed :D :D

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Quick Post About Cyber Monday!

Okay, well...I know I suck at updating this blog.
However...I will be having a small Cyber Monday sale on eBay (all day, Nov. 27th)...Prices will be "usual sale" prices- auctions for ACEOs will start at $5.35, BIN prices will be $8.35, and always free shipping! I may have some larger original painting listed, mostly 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" for around $15 and $35 auction prices (respectively). Here is my eBay link in case you don't have it bookmarked: Click here for Emily's art on eBay!

Additionally, while I am here, I should mention that because it is getting into the HOLIDAY SEASON, I will be drastically limiting my commission/custom art availability. If you need or want some special art for a gift or whatever, do feel free to email me or message me through here or eBay. I will say this in advance, though, I will most likely already be up to my eyeballs in extra work! I'd say for a yes, you may want to email me in like...the next week or so. Otherwise, I'll be shutting down all custom works (except for those already scheduled!) until after the holidays (think end of January).

Alright, apologies for no fun pictures, no art updates, and no moth photos :( But OMG I am tired and need a break, I've been working all day!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Things That Happened in September

Oh, wow, I have been super busy!
Here's a quick run down of the past month or so...

On Sept 1, I had the disitinct pleasure of seeing Lady Gaga in concert at Fenway Park...Here's a video of her performing Poker Face (hopefully it will play lol):

Lady Gaga Poker Face LIVE at Fenway Park Sept 2017

I have sold a STACK of original ACEOs over the past month. I am in utter and complete shock, and have an immense amount of gratitude toward all of my customers. Without your support, I would still be making art, however...I would be doing it in between TWO day jobs (I know this because this is what I used to do!) and just the amount of extra energy I have only working ONE day job...Well, I put it into making art! But even more than the awesomeness of only working one job is the knowledge that my little drawings find good and loving homes with some really fabulous folks. So again, thank you thank you all <3

Ummm, some art news/updates: I am working on a new Monster High repaint...she is taking FOREVER because that is how I work on all my "big" projects. She's been sitting on my shelf for over a year, bald, naked, and faceless, waiting...Now she has new hair!

Basically, I learned that re-rooting doll hair is at once awful and extremely satisfying. I then hand colored her entire new do with varying shades of orange and yellow...It is 100% colored now, and I'm letting her sit until Sunday at least before I give her a decent shampoo. I am begging the art gods that her dye job holds after her bath :) More work in progress photos in future posts, I swear!

Also, I FINALLY got around to actually making a few pop-up/pull-tab aceo prototypes, and they work! :) :) :) I am so happy, and I honestly don't know why I put it off all summer...Oh, right, I was super busy making other art! Unfortunately, there are no pictures of them at the moment, but soon!!

Here is a photo of the Harvest Cupcakes my friend Julia and I made last weekend:

Vanilla Cupcakes with Maple Buttercreme Frosting

Plans for next month- HALLOWEEN EVERYTHING!!!! CANDYYY!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! Also, hopefully website updates to the galleries and webshop, new merch in the Zazzle Shop, pop-up cards, and maybe a finished doll?

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

August Art Sale + some ramblings

Oh, hai!!
Just over here, buried in art and behind schedule, as usual!

Let's get right to the most exciting thing- SALE TIME!! Well, almost...From Friday, August 25-Sunday, August 27, I will be listing art at sale prices! Mostly ACEOs, some prints perhaps, maybe a painting or two...Starting bids will drop from $7.35 to $5.35 and Buy It Now prices will drop from $10.35 to $8.35. Any ACEO prints I list will be 99 cents for open edition, not sure what I will list any limited edition ACEOs at, but it wont be more than $2 for auction. You can see I've really thought this through, haha!

That's kind of it for "art news", unless you count the list of projects and prototypes I still have made no dent in this summer. I cannot tell you how many frickin cool ideas I have A DAY and cannot possibly get to them all. A lot of them come to me when I am at the day job, completely covered in food, and nowhere near a pen and paper to jot these brainfarts down. Sooo frustrating...But at least I am never bored!

Yeah, I *really really* wanted to get at least one doll repainted this summer- that is actually a HUGE project for me, but I just love designing everything from their hairdo to their their new outfits! The last doll I repainted was a clown...and the next one will most likely be another clown (I have a problem, I know).

I also really wanted to get on the ball with my nifty pop-up and movable paper art ACEO ideas. I honestly do not have any excuse as to why I have not gotten farther than some blanks all folded to see how things fit, and a few sketches for actual pop-ups. I have a hard time sitting still at my desk in the summer. Usually, if there is drawing happening, it is done out on the porch. Sadly, tiny paper cuttings and bits and pieces are hard to keep track of when working outdoors. Probably why I haven't made more progress with that. OMG I am just sitting here typing. Please forgive my train of thought (choo choo!)

Okay, don't forget- eBay sale from Aug 25-Aug 27...I will try to post again before it happens. is a picture of a moth:

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Monday, July 31, 2017

De-Tangle Mermaid ACEO WIPs

Well it's been awhile *sigh*
I wish I had more time to do all the thing I want, like post here more often...That's okay, though, I have time right now!! br>
Nothing too exciting happening in the studio lately, just a few ACEO illustrations, some wee moments of working on prototypes for new art (going slowly!) and general maintenance of projects.
Here is a series of work in progress photos of a new ACEO "De-Tangle":

She is all completed and up for sale on eBay- please click the link below the picture to see the auction!

"De-Tangle" mermaid ACEO auction

I have about as much hair as this poor mermaid, and it's curly too...I feel badly for her. I can hardly brush mine when it's dry, I'd never try it wet (that's how we get split ends lol).

In other news, I am really hoping to have time to get a bunch of ACEOs drawn up soon...because I really want to have a sale for all my wonderful customers!! I recently hit 1000+ feedback (and eBay gave me a red star, woo!), so it is certainly time to celebrate with all of you. Ideally, this sale would happen sometime in August- if I had my way, I'd start it this weekend. Alas, pre-planned events, day job, and monster care will take up most of my time for the near future. I will squeeze in art where I can, and I will be sure to LET YOU ALL KNOW in ADVANCE about my sale. :) :)

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