Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The To-Did List

I got up super early today, and did a LOT of stuff. Here's a dorky list:
*Titled, dated, scanned, edited, drafted listings for a bunch of ACEOs
*decluttered my emails
*TAXES, including a lot of receipt sorting
*Post Office trip
*vacuumed the house, took out trash, cleaned entire bathroom
*put on a face mask and had a nice soak in the tub
*spilled a full bag of cheese doodles all over myself, the armchair, and the floor, and decided to eat them off of myself enough so that I could stand up
*re-vacuumed the living room, rewashed my face, changed my shirt
*sent out some emails and some invoices, put a few things up for auction on eBay
*printed out a big batch of new limited edition ACEOs
*wrote this list as a lame excuse for a blog post
*Now, I am going to go embellish those limited edition ACEOs while I watch cartoons, and possibly do a bit of sketching...but oh man, I am TIRED...

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