Thursday, January 25, 2018

Just some rambling

I have no actual art news or updates, but in keeping with my attempts to post the blog regularly, here I am!

This past week was cleaning and organizing my studio space (kind of) and art prep- I cut a bunch of ACEO blanks, got a few batches of prints made up, assorted boring office stuff like putting return address labels on a bunch of envelopes, printer maintenance, etc. I now have MOST of my desk cleared off, and I am about to start a little sewing project- a tiny romper for my clown doll! I swear I will have some progress pictures at some point! I also have not gotten any touch up work on my poor fox girl done, I may just wipe her face and start from scratch. I may also cut all her hair off and give her a wig. All these "mights" basically means she'll be haning around "as is" for awhile. This is frustrating for me, as I do not really like to start a new doll before I've completed the last one...but I can't not have a doll going at this point, it's a weird compulsion.

What else...Oh, I hurt my back by coughing, because I'm old. So, I've been moving slowly and taking it easy this past week. This is my exciting life!

Here is a photo of the very beginning of a new fox ACEO (I don't know why the photos sometimes will not rotate and save properly when I take them from my phone grrr):

Now, off to rest my aching back before returning to the kitchen job tomorreeeeeee ouchie...

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