Wednesday, January 17, 2018

An Overdue Hello + Doll Project News

Well, again I have let my blog fall by the wayside...

Seeing as I am mostly caught up with things after the holidays, I will be opening commissions back up! For those of you who are already on the waitlist, I've begun sketching! For anyone interested in a custom work, please feel free to check out my commission page HERE!

On top of the usual ACEOs I've been making, I've also been working on repainting some dolls..though it is going very slowly! I did manage to complete one, a fox girl, but there are a few things about her that need to be fixed, so I am hesitant to post any pictures (but I will anyway). For one thing, I rerooted her hair, and I gave her too much! So, her head is always pulled back at a strange angle that looks quite uncomfortable.

oww, my neck!

For another thing, when I went to reattach her head to her body, the sealant I used on her face CRACKED and now she has little spiderwebs on her face :(

you're batting a thousand, Em

Also, she does not have a name yet, so I can't properly show her off until I address all these issues! But, her dress and shoes are super foxy! This is only my third repainted doll ever, and I am still very much learning tricks and such, but it is so much fun! I love that I can draw/paint, play with fibers, get some sewing in, maybe some sculpting...and in the end I have a cohesive work of art! Even though they take forever, and there is a whole bunch of trial and error involved, I truly love it! I'm also working on a sweet little clown doll, but she is in such early stages that photos would just frighten people!

I really *am* going to try a lot harder to update this blog regularly (trying for once a week, lol) this year. Even if I don't have anything finished, or anything truly exciting to share, I am pretty good at rambling about nothing, so I have no excuse other than laziness! (and that's just so lame)

ok, I'm off to watch some South Park before bed :D :D

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