Monday, February 1, 2016

Galaxy Pony MLP Repaint + William Gruff Goat ACEO

Something slightly different this round- a My Little Pony Repaint! Ahhh, I'm such a dork!
I was *obsessed* with these stupid toys when I was a wee lass; I even remember this one specific pony that I threw a TANTRUM over until my mother finally broke down and bought it for me. (side note- I was not the type of child to throw fits over anything tangible, but damn...I really wanted that pony!) I must admit, I still have a great deal of love for vinyl toys, all the better if they are colorful and have lots of pretty hair! When I discovered how well I took to painting on them, I was elated to have a justification for buying them. I mean, I buy toys here and there for no reason other than I want them, but now to have an actual reason is pretty nifty.

Blah blah, anyhow...this is the first repainted pony in a series of the planets in our solar system. I realize that "galaxy" is not a planet, but eff you, the idea for the series came after completing this first repaint. I am hoping to get one completed every month. So, without any more rambling, allow me to introduce "Galaxy Pony":

"Galaxy" My Little Pony Repaint art auction
(lots more photos at the link!)

Yes, not a planet, just a vast (or tiny, you pick your perspective) bit of pony sky. Many thin layers of acrylic paint, teeny tiny stars, little blips of color, all sealed with shiny varnish. Pony's hair is hand colored with alcohol inks, and I tried to style it as best I could (If you've seen my own hair, then we can agree that I did a fairly decent job here haha). Galaxy Pony is small, measuring approximately 3" high at the tallest part, and about 2" long. I have initialed the bottom of one foot, and dated another. Pony does come with a certificate of authenticity as well.
I've listed this piece on eBay with a starting bid of just $15- while this pony took a lot of hours to complete, I do consider this more of a hobby, so I am pricing to SELL. Also, studio space is limited, so if you want this little creature, please do consider adopting! The link to the auction is HERE or you can always click on the photo above or the link below the photo to view the auction!

Before I run off and get into my other 8000 projects, let me also mention this guy- "William Gruff"- a new original ACEO illustration! He is also currently up for auction on eBay- link is below the photo:

"William Gruff" cartoon goat ACEO art

So...that is all for the moment. I apologize for skipping last week's comic, I have been feeling a bit, uh...well, a lot discouraged by life lately. I will have a new comic on Thursday, however. :)

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