Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fox 3 painting + Burp ACEO art

Happy Wednesday all!
So, today I have some arts to share...A new fox painting (it's on the small side) as well as a new and silly ACEO!

Let's get to it..."Fox 3" is the next installment in the little fox series. This is an original 5" x 7" painting, created in acrylics on a canvas panel. I really like this one, his posture reminds me of my cat when he is begging for treats. Here he is, "Fox 3"- you can view the Amazon Handmade listing by clicking the photo or the link below it:

"Fox 3" original cartoon painting on Amazon Handmade

As far as silliness goes, I have a new ACEO original up for auction on eBay this week- "Burp"! Check out her auction listing by clicking the photo or the link below it!

"Burp" Original Pin Up ACEO art on eBay

Hope the rest of your week is fabulous! I am off to eat dinner om nom nommmmm...

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