Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Taxi Cats- an Art Post

Today, I have a new illustration to share- this is my "large" art for February, and it's really quite bizarre...

"Taxi Cats" is a strange, dream-like image of a bunch of randoms- kitties, a catty cabbie in her yellow taxi, cupcakes... While I was in the process of coloring this piece, one of my friends asked me who the commission was for- it is just so specific, he thought surely it was ordered by a person for a purpose. So...I present to you "Taxi Cats":

"Taxi Cats" original cartoon art auction

Some specs on this illustration- measures 11" x 8.5", mixed media: acrylic paints, archival inks, and colored pencils on bristol. Signed, dated, titled on the back. "Taxi Cats" is currently up for auction on eBay. To view the auction listing (more pics, a blurb, a chance to make a bid) just click on the photo above or the link directly under it :)

Okay, it is pretty much my bedtime, so I will bid you all adieu...

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