Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fox 2 + Hellium Balloon ACEO - New Art

Hello lovelies,
It's art time again!! Just a little piece this time, and a new ACEO print as well. First, let me unveil a new fox painting- "Fox 2"- a galaxy-inspired grey fox who is just super curious (and also cute as a button!) This original painting is 5" x 7" on a canvas panel, painted in acrylics. He is up for sale in my still-new Amazon Handmade shop- please check out the listing if you have any interest in owning him! Clicking on the picture or the link below to see the listing!

"Fox 2" Original Cartoon Painting on Amazon Handmade

In addition to "Fox 2", I have a brand new ACEO print just released! "Hellium Balloon" had been sitting in one of my sketchbooks for awhile, until I painted him on canvas for a friend's birthday gift this December. He came out so awesome, I thought I'd add him to the ACEO roster. So, here he is- a 2-sided Art Card Print, up for auction on eBay (starting at $2)- click on the picture or the link below it to see the auction, and perhaps place a bid:

"Hellium Balloon" ACEO Print auction

SO, that's what I have this week! I'm hoping to have another new something-or-other to share next week, and in the meantime, please come back tomorrow for Thursday's comic post!

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