Monday, July 31, 2017

De-Tangle Mermaid ACEO WIPs

Well it's been awhile *sigh*
I wish I had more time to do all the thing I want, like post here more often...That's okay, though, I have time right now!! br>
Nothing too exciting happening in the studio lately, just a few ACEO illustrations, some wee moments of working on prototypes for new art (going slowly!) and general maintenance of projects.
Here is a series of work in progress photos of a new ACEO "De-Tangle":

She is all completed and up for sale on eBay- please click the link below the picture to see the auction!

"De-Tangle" mermaid ACEO auction

I have about as much hair as this poor mermaid, and it's curly too...I feel badly for her. I can hardly brush mine when it's dry, I'd never try it wet (that's how we get split ends lol).

In other news, I am really hoping to have time to get a bunch of ACEOs drawn up soon...because I really want to have a sale for all my wonderful customers!! I recently hit 1000+ feedback (and eBay gave me a red star, woo!), so it is certainly time to celebrate with all of you. Ideally, this sale would happen sometime in August- if I had my way, I'd start it this weekend. Alas, pre-planned events, day job, and monster care will take up most of my time for the near future. I will squeeze in art where I can, and I will be sure to LET YOU ALL KNOW in ADVANCE about my sale. :) :)

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