Friday, May 31, 2013

Fox fox FOX fox Foxes, some foxes, and a Fox.

Fox. Okay. This "character" actually came from me being a dork, sketching out one of my origami foxes one day while I was probably supposed to be doing something else, something most likely important and adult-like. This is when I find I do my most...self accepting work. That's where Ralphie came from, a doodle from thin air, just there in a moment of life where I was all like "What the Fuck is the Point of Anything?" Don't pretend like you've never hit that point before. If you haven't, are lacking essential experience. That's what I'll say to make us all feel better. Yeah.

I would liken these "epiphany doodles" to...the penis showing game in the movie "Waiting". Yeah. It's like that. It's like, my mind just cracks, and I short out for a bit. I stand, obstinate as an overtired toddler, in the face of responsibility and obligation, screaming as I rip off my diaper, and then I poop everywhere. Yeah, it's like that. Folks, if you came here just to look at some cute foxes, I am so so sorry. I get carried away with my thoughts. And I am disgusting some (most) of the time.

You may remember this sketch:

and the work in progress blog I posted awhile back (it's here)...

Well....Here is the original, completed painting, "Fox and Weasel"! It's an 11" x 7" acrylic on masonite piece, blah blah, all that info, purchase info, and more pictures and a poem are at the link below:

"Fox and Weasel" original cartoon art painting on etsy

I really wish I could paint something like this on a big wall. And that someone would pay me handsomely for performing such an amazing feat.

Moar Foxes Now! *This* is a piece I am REALLY fond of and kind of do not want to list, but...I am not in a financial position to be able to afford my own art at the moment. Yes, it is like that. I console myself with the fact that I can always get a poster or print. Not having it around could possibly lead to creation of more like it. Things of that nature. Nature. Walking. This is "Fox Walk"- an original 8.5" x 11" pen and ink illustration, cut around the edges and backed with a lovely chocolate-colored cardstock. Mmmm. Chocolate. I had to trim and back it the way I did because I messed it all up...but thankfully in a way that was fixable. Mistakes often lead to something new that you'd never think of before. I had a ton of fun with this piece. It makes me want to go pick blackberries. Mmmm. Blackberries. Okay. Anyhoo...

"Fox Walk" original cartoon fox illustration on etsy

That's it for now. These are both available for purchase/adoption. Even though I want to keep them. *whine* :D


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