Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome and Junk!

Well, shit. Here we are. I started yet another project. But good news, I've actually put a little bit more thought into things this time around!

So, this is my new home for my comic strip. I am treating this as my base site, and of course it is still a work in progress. Over this weekend and into next week, I will be reposting all my comics from earlier, and then adding to them! Everything will be organized and labeled and easy to find, enjoy, and share! And I will have lots of fun things for you! So please please share this blog with your friends and enjoy yourselves! Remember, life is to short to not laugh every day!

Now...something exciting! I have my very first 'Dorkling' comic book printed and up for sale! Okay, this is a mini comic book that I illustrated, inked, formatted, printed, trimmed, folded, and then sewed myself. Not actually a real live book, but still read-worthy :) All the details and purchase info can be found at the link below the listing- all 'Dorkling' related materials will be housed in my zombietoes etsy shop unless otherwise noted:

"Fowl Behavior" - a Dorkling mini comic book

One more thing before I can find Dorkling on Facebook too!

Please come show your support for my craziness!!



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