Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dorkling Prints and Monster Wallets (+ hilarity)

So...this post is not a comic. Sorry. (Not sorry). This is where I plug my handmade wares and all my comic prints and books. I mean, c'mon, I gotta eat. You may think that malnutrition would make me more random and hilarious, but...all it does is make me mean and stupid. So...Anyway, I've been in a sewing sort of mood lately, and made up some awesome monster wallets for utilization in a fashion type way...Here is a pic, and the link below that will take you to the listings and purchase info (and more pics!!):

Monster Wallets, hand sewn by Em!!

ALSO- I have a few assorted Dorkling prints listed! You can now have your very own little Emily at hand to make you smile! Hooray! I am slinging them individually for $5 apiece, or the entire set of all 6 prints for $23 (good deal, good deal, plus you save on shipping). So...Oh, yes, details: these are postcard size prints (4.25" x 5.6") on glossy 120lb cardstock. They are signed. And I rubbed my butt on all of them, too. Just kidding. That will of course cost you extra. So...check the prints, possibly purchase the prints, share the links to the prints, support your friendly neighborhood crazy girl!!

Dorkling Prints- sets and singles!

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