Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fox 1- an Art Post (+ updates)

Sooo, helloooo...I does have the arts hey. They is here today! (Sorry, I've just totally given up on being fit for society). Yes, new art and some updates and stuff. I am honestly not sure who even reads these, but what tha hay at least I'll write it down for myself...

Firstly, a new fox painting! I have named him "Fox 1" (so clever, heh) he is the first in a series.

"Fox 1" Original Cartoon Painting

"Fox 1" is an original acrylic painting on a 5" x 7" canvas panel. Initialed on the front; full title, date, signature on the back, wire hanger on the back as well, or you may frame it as you wish, if you choose to adopt him! In addition to the new art, I have a new SHOP! I've opened an Amazon Handmade shop (check it out--, where I will be listing original art a few times a month, plus exclusive shop items! "Fox 1" is currently listed there (at this link ), along with a few other things. More to come after the holidays...(I am a tad overworked).

So, that is new art and some news. Some other things worth mentioning...uhhhh...crap, I totally had more important stuff to write about.
Oh! eBay update-I will be raising the starting bids on the ACEO prints come January- I currently list them at $.99 (they are HERE ), however blah blah business stuff and something about shipping costs= in January they go up to $2 (which they originally were) but probable free shipping.
hrrmmm, I am considering starting a monthly subscription for the ACEO prints, but I have to do some plotting and finagling before that can happen. Also aiming for sometime in January for that possibility.
Ummm, check out the Zazzle Shop for fun things if you have the time. I think that is about all for now. I hope you are enjoying the Week of Weasels, and your December.

Oh, yes, and ye ol' website:

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