Monday, May 15, 2017

First post in a long while

First post back from not posting in...jeeze, over a year? Well, I dropped the ball on that one!
Originally, this blog was for my Dorkling comic only. I have decided to start posting all sorts of random things here, mainly art, but some other things as well :) as for the comic... I put it on pause, as I was not feeling particularly hilarious or inspired. Perhaps I will come back to it one day...
I really haven't planned out this post at all, just wanted to say hi, I'm blogging again, I'll try to post once a week!
At this stage in my studio, I am doing some belated spring cleaning and a mini inventory on which prints and originals I have available. Updates to the website- gallery, news, and shop, will be forthcoming...and I am sketching up a bunch of new ACEOs and a few paintings to put out over these next few weeks. :)

There should be a sneak peek shot or two of art and a little rundown of the projects I have planned for summer in a near-future post!
I also do want to say thank you to the bunch of you who have inquired as to my online social presence- it has motivated me to start blogging again! I'm not currently active on Facebook (cuz I just can't deal with it) so this is a more comfortable option. You can always leave questions or comments in the comment section here, and you can always email me!

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