Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Betrayal of the Machines

Been having a rough few weeks with the technology part of life. Last week, my trusty Samsung S4 finally kicked the bucket, so now I am the new owner of an S8 and still learning all the tricks. Also, will be paying this baby off for AWHILE, but I justify that by using it to sell art.

About 3 days ago, I was diligently scanning in some new art to post...and my printer stopped working. This is not an uncommon occurance, as I am sure those of you who own a printer know all too well. Basically, the inkwell cover had come off and the printer would do nothing until I could get it back in place. I tried. I tried again. I took a small break, and tried one more time. Then I cried a little bit. Then I tried AGAIN. No dice. So...instead of putting it aside until my frustration had abated, I just picked it up and slammed it into the floor. I was also trying to be quiet because my roommate was asleep. The one chance I get to go Office Space on a printer and I'm trying to rage smash it quietly lol. Also, I *just* ordered printer ink for hopefully I can return those (omg please!)
The next morning, I panic-bought a new printer, much to the shagrin of my bank account.

The next afternoon, I went to vacuum. By now, you can probably guess where this is least I got the living room and kitchen floors done before it crapped out on me. To be fair, that was a free (but very wonderful and efficient) vacuum. However, I do have a (giant long hair) cat, so a new vacuum is on the emergency buy next list.

Speaking of cat... the mountain bike fell over onto him today, my poor baby!! :'( He does seem fine, I told him he could sleep on my bed today (not a usual allowance) and he is much more docile than usual. Hopefully he is not bleeding internally and suffering in silence!

So...thats what's going on lately, lol! I've been working on art stuff, too, of course! Lots of new things up on eBay if you'd like to take a peek! :)

Ps- sorry no pics this week, I'm on mobile and I can't get the app to cooperate with the photos :(

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