Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Little Fox Painting + sneak peek at new ACEOs!

Oh, man...new art to show you all today! Also, I my new printer arrived on Friday, and guess friggin what? My laptop is TOO OLD TO RUN IT! So, I've been using it in conjunction with my roommate's computer for now...@%#$&!*
Thankfully, it does work nicely, so there is a nice clear scan of this little 5x7" fox painting "A Safe Seat":

"A Safe Seat" 5" x 7" Cartoon Fox Painting, up on eBay!

I also have a few more ACEOs finished up, here's a peek at some of them before I list them over the next week:

There is also a handful of limited edition hand embellished ACEOs that I will also have up on ebay soon...they are each 1/1, meaning only one print! However I did not label them as such, and now they are laminated so it is too late! But they'll be standard ACEO print price:

Okee, thats all for this round, I have a wicked full week of day job and a weekend wedding to attend...thinking I will take a nice hot shower and go to bed!!

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