Monday, June 26, 2017

Toy + Doll Collecting pt 1

Alright, I'm gonna talk about one of my hobbies today...Do not be alarmed...I collect toys and dolls. Mostly dolls. Go ahead and laugh, IDGAF.

My collection is small, and is made up of mostly Monster High Dolls at the moment. I do have an eye for the (now vintage!) toys I had as a child, though some of those are rather pricey, so they are on my Wish List.

I could lie and tell you "It all started 2 years ago when I discovered repainted dolls" but it really all started back in 1986 or 87. There was this My Little Pony. She was yellow- something that truly excited me, because even as a small girl, I was not very fond of the color pink. ALL THE GIRL TOYS IN THE 80s ARE PINK. But, this pony...OMG, you guys. YOU GUYS. I was not the type of kid to throw tantrums, really, at least not for material possessions. Maybe I'd freak if I was tired or hungry, but I have two younger sisters, and was taught to set a good example. So, not a tantrum thrower overall. Yet this yellow hunk of vinyl with gaudy butterflies painted all over it seemed to change me.

I NEED HER. When I discover that one of my neighbor friends has acquired this pony, I NEED HER EVEN MORE. I ask. I beg. I pleade, promise, pray for her. We are not the kind of family to spend frivolously on stupid crap, and we have enough toys, FFS. This rationale does not stop me. I hound my parents for this pony. Weeks go by. I continue pestering.

Finally, my mother gives in. She takes me, sisters in tow, to the local KB Toys in the mall. THERE IS THE PONY, in all her yellow glory, she's almost miiiiiine!!!! Mom looks at the price tag, and insists I look for another pony that is cheaper. There are lots of other ponies On Sale, Em, look at this one, she is red!

I stand in the girl's toy aisle, and I feel faint. Suddenly, a great wail comes from me, and I am throwing myself to the carpeted cement floor, pounding my fists and crying like a banshee. Drool and snots are all over my face, in my hair. I have rug burn. I do not care. Nothing matters, I can't have the PONY OMGGGG life as I know it is OVER.

I don't remember the rest, but I did get that pony. I'm not proud of it, in retrospect. I was also like 4, gimme a break lol.

So, that's the story of how I started toy collecting! I recently re-added her to my collection, though she is not in my possession at this very moment. Here is a picture, for those of you who may be curious as to 4-year-old Emily's style choices:

My Little Pony Twice as Fancy Dancing Butterflies Pegasus circa 1986-87 (G1, year 5)

I did not realize this post would be so long! I will have to do a sequel, I think...Draw out my boring hobby talk over more than one entry? Sure!

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